This is a huge breakthrough for artists and engineers who enjoy the freedom of being able to work completely “in the box”. And now, what many engineers consider to be the greatest digital reverb ever can finally be run NATIVELY.

The Lexicon 480L has been part of more classic recordings than probably any other piece of recording gear. Like a Neumann U87 or a Fender Telecaster, it is considered an iconic and timeless piece of musical equipment.

For years, because of its huge price tag, the incredible Lexicon 480L was only available to the world’s top studios, or to the industry’s most successful artists and engineers. But thanks to Relab Development’s LX480, that era is over!!

The LX480 expertly captures the most popular algorithms of the original 480L to an indiscernible degree. You get all the depth, density and lush character of the original legendary unit, but with added features and functionality.

With the LX480, Relab has effectively eliminated one of the biggest gaps between home and pro recording. Now anyone can get the same pro studio sheen and polish of one of the most sought-after and expensive pieces of recording equipment ever at a fraction of the cost.

The LX480 is widely regarded as the very best and most accurate emulation of the Lexicon 480L, without the need for any outboard gear.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Watch our Professional Mixer, Pete Dowsett, from the Abbey Road Institute, explain how the reverb was produced and exactly what it can do for your music.

Want to dig deeper into your reverb?


If you’re the type of engineer or producer that likes to dig a little deeper (OK a LOT deeper!) and wants to have tons of control of your reverb parameters, you need to check out the LX480 Complete from Relab.

LX480 Complete is a fully-featured reverb plug-in and considered to be the most accurate recreation of the original Lexicon 480L reverbs, including additional features and enhancements that meet the demands of the modern production workflow.