DSP Audio Technology

Relab Development ApS is the audio company specialized in developing, designing and delivering high-quality professional plugins.

Through research driven techniques and innovative custom practices such as robotics (photo on the left side), deep learning and AI we are delivering plugins which are indistinguishable from the hardware versions.

With a team of experienced, passionate (and geeky) team, our goal is to not only to create an experience of working with hardware devices through software equivalents, but also making unique products which will challenge and define the future of audio processing.

Our products are used and favored among the best studios and facilities in the world.

Music producers, game industry or cinema production everyone loves our products.


Relab Development was founded in 2006 after the release of the Plate, Ambience and Inverse reverb plugins for the Scope platform. Since then Relab Development has developed for leading hardware and software companies in the audio industry.

Hire us and see what we can do!

Hardware and software companies have many challenges today. We know that platforms are more demanding than ever before and the technology adapts to those requirements. But we have good news – we also adapt to those challenges!

We love creating new products that can blow the minds of our customers.

Our innovative and creative team members make our company outstanding in the industry of hardware and software development. We care about your budget, and we know it is important to have the best cost-benefit ratio. We meet the deadlines because we understand how important it is for you to have your product ready for the market.

The easiest way to get in contact with us is through the contact us page.

Our postal address is,
Relab Development ApS,
St├Žndertorvet 4,
2.th, 4000 Roskilde,