If you have bought your Relab product from a retailer, you have received a product Activation Code.

This Activation Code is to be used with the iLok License Manager for activating your new Relab product. If you don’t have an iLok Account, please follow these simple steps to create a free iLok Account and activate your license.

1. Create a free iLok account here:!registration

* Create a personal user ID and fill out the form with your credentials.
* Agree to the Terms of Use by clicking the the checkbox and then click “Create Account”.
* You will then receive an email with a confirmation link, which you must click to confirm your new iLok account.


2. Download and install the iLok License Manager

* On the front page of you will find the download link for both Mac and PC (or simply click the direct download link below the picture).
* After downloading, install the iLok License Manager (You may need to restart your computer after installing the iLok License Manager).

3. Start the iLok License Manager and sign in with your newly created iLok Account

4. Redeem your Activation Code.

* In the iLok License Manager, click the button “Redeem an Activation Code” in the top right corner. A new Window will popup.
* Now enter the Activation Code you bought from a retailer and click “NEXT”.

5. Select the activation location.

* When asked to select a location, choose the computer icon, click “Activate” and then confirm activation.

You have now activated your Relab license!

Download your Relab product at and install it.

You are now ready to use your new Relab product with your favorite Digital Audio Workstation.