Get that big, wide vocal sound you want with Relab Development’s LX480.

It can drive a person crazy, trying to get their vocals to sit just right. It’s one of the hardest, and sometimes most frustrating, things to do while mixing.

And contrary to what you might think, having a lot of different tools doesn’t always mean you’ll get the sound you’re looking for any faster.

Sometimes having a bunch of different plugins sends you down infinite “rabbit holes”, trying to make your mix match the sounds you’re hearing in your head.

But there IS an easier way.

Instead of going through countless reverbs, trying to make something “work”, why not start with one that you’ve undoubtedly heard hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

The legendary Lexicon 480L has been on countless hit recordings in the past 3 and a half decades. Many of your favorite songs, that undoubtedly helped form your own artistic sensibilities, were created using the algorithms in the 480L.

And now with Relab Development’s LX480, considered to be the most faithful and precise emulation of the classic 480L that you can run natively, you can apply those same legendary reverb sounds to your own mixes.

The 480L was famous for adding size and width to vocals. And in this video, engineer Pete Dowsett, from the Abbey Road Institute, talks you through creating the perfect vocal for your track using Relab’s LX480.

He used the LX480’s “Auto Park Hall” to sit his vocals on top of a track. And in the video, he’ll share his technique so you can do the same thing.

He’ll teach you how to pick the right vocal, edit it so it’s not too ‘wet’, and the show you how to make it fit with the rest of the track.

After watching, you’ll know exactly how to create a nice, wide vocal sound that sits perfectly within your mix, without overpowering your track or being drowned out by it.

Want to dig deeper into your reverb?


If you’re the type of engineer or producer that likes to dig a little deeper (OK a LOT deeper!) and wants to have tons of control of your reverb parameters, you need to check out the LX480 Complete from Relab.

LX480 Complete is a fully-featured reverb plug-in and considered to be the most accurate recreation of the original Lexicon 480L reverbs, including additional features and enhancements that meet the demands of the modern production workflow.