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LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb

Operation – LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb User Interface Sections

The LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb Plug-in has six sections that make up its user-friendly interface:

  1. Operating Mode Switch:

    This switch allows you to choose which mode you want to use on the LX480. The two available modes are Hardware and Advanced.

  2. Preset Bar:

    This is where you find your Presets. You can choose presets from the original hardware, Relab factory presets or artist/producer signature presets.

  3. Primary Display:

    The Main Display contains all the information about the reverb sound that is currently active.

  4. Function Buttons:

    These Function buttons allow you to set up your LX480 exactly how you want it.

  5. Page Buttons:

    The Page Buttons allow for quick navigation between different sets of parameters on the sliders.

  6. Secondary Display, Parameter Sliders and Undo/Redo Buttons:

    This Secondary Display shows the current value of the parameter controlled by each slider. In Advanced Mode, it will also show a modified parameter's full name when adjusted. The Undo/Redo buttons are located immediately below each slider, and allow you to go back-and-forth between the two last used values for associated to each slider.


In addition to these user interface sections, there are several other keyboard modifiers and right-click actions “under-the-hood”, to help speed up your workflow even more. See the Operation - Section 7 - Additional Controls section for more information.

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