Gorgeous, silky smooth reverberation tails with plush harmonic shaping and fat compression curves.

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If you’re among the many engineers who’ve yet to explore distortions and compression on reverb, or who prefer small rooms to plates for shorter brighter spaces, or think algorithmic plates can’t quite match the density and lushness of a 600 pound metal plate driven by tubes, Goldplate is here to change your mind.

Goldplate marries Relab’s gorgeous, silky smooth reverberation tails with Kush’s plush harmonic shaping and fat compression curves, resulting in all the basic amenities of a typical reverb, but with an interface that goes far beyond what you expect from traditional reverb controls. Dial in a warm distortion of the signal pre-reverb and thick, pumping compression post-reverb, and select any mix of two different plate materials. And, unlike most algorithmic plates, this one sounds equally incredible across the full range of its reverb time.

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The usability of the interface is a key part to the success of getting the perfect warm sound in the least amount of time. The Goldplate interface helps you to reach “that” spacy vibe-y sound while at the same time it’s impossible to make Goldplate sound bad. This allows you to be directly involved in the design process of the acoustical space surrounding the sound source. In order to achieve these goals, we added only the most important, yet
incredible versatile, sound shaping controls.


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1: Log into your iLok account
2: Click on the “Redeem key”
3: Enter the following key:
4: Activate the new key to your machine or iLok key
5: Download and install the Goldplate plugin


• Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) or Higher
• Windows 8 or Higher
• 64bit VST, AU or AAX compatible host application
• iLok account and the latest Pace drivers. No iLok usb key is needed

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