The REV6000: Revolutionizing Hardware Re-Creation

Discover how the REV6000 revolutionizes hardware re-creation, transforming the VSS6.1 surround reverb into an enhanced stereo plug-in. Experience unparalleled depth and clarity.

The journey of digitally recreating iconic audio hardware consistently leads to one question that engineers are always lining up to ask: “How close is it to the original?”

Luckily, it’s the same question that we constantly ask ourselves at Relab when developing new plug-ins.

The REV6000: More Than Just a Reproduction

Forget everything you know about hardware re-creations. Our goal for the REV6000 was to go beyond mere reproduction. We wanted to take everything we loved about the legendary VSS6.1 surround reverb algorithm, and create an enhanced plug-in version…in stereo!

So, we meticulously re-engineered this surround algorithm to deliver a stereo image that’s clearer, wider, and more immersive than what was possible with the original hardware.

Now, at this point, we’d normally say something like, “you really need hear it for yourself.” But we know, as subjective as that can be, sometimes “seeing is believing”.

That’s why we created a side-by-side comparison, at one of the smaller sizes from the location types, showcasing the REV6000’s faithful reproduction of the original hardware.

We’re using a smaller size here simply because at size 0 and 1 – the original hardware is in mono in the front two channels.

However, the location size increases, that’s where a brand new challenge kicked in, that required us to go far beyond mere replication…

The Challenge: Adapting a Surround Algorithm for Stereo

The original VSS 6.1 algorithm was hand-tuned for a 6.1 surround sound environment, posing a significant hurdle for a stereo software recreation.

Since our goal was to bring the much-loved VSS6.1 algorithm of the original S6000 to your DAW in for use in stereo, we were left with two less-than-ideal options:

  • Downmix the Surround Channels: This approach compromises the original character of the reverb, leading to a less precise and less satisfying result.
  • Focus solely on the Front Left/Right Channels: This would introduce an imbalance in the stereo field, and make the reverb virtually unusable in stereo mode.

Meticulous Tuning Leads To Unprecedented Results

The original S6000 distributes audio energy across left (L), center (C), right (R), surround left (SL), and surround right (SR) channels.

( actually you could also force the original to process surround center (SC), but the result was simply a combination of SL and SR with extra processing)

This ensures a perfectly balanced listening experience in surround sound.

For instance:

  • The left ear might receive 0.4 units from the left channel (L) and 0.6 from the surround left (SL), totaling 1.0.
  • The right ear might receive 0.7 from the right (R) channel and 0.3 from the surround right (SR), also totaling 1.0.


However, in stereo mode, only the left (L) and right (R) channels are used, which can create an imbalance (e.g., 0.4 in the left ear and 0.7 in the right).

To address this dilemma, our DSP engineers undertook the painstaking task of tuning ALL internal levels of the REV6000 to achieve a perfectly balanced stereo sound. This time-intensive process involved adjusting every single parameter within the algorithm, resulting in a significant departure from the original surround configuration but still retaining the original sound.

Our Hands-On Approach for Superior Stereo Sound

While we could have chosen the faster and easier route by simply employing a sophisticated downmixing algorithm, we opted for a more intensive, hands-on approach, in order to best preserve the unique character and spirit of the original S6000 reverb.

This decision, while laborious, ensured that the REV6000 would deliver an exceptional stereo experience that faithfully captures the essence of its surround sound inspiration.

As you can see, only Size 0 and 1 remain unaltered for all locations, while virtually every other size and location had to be carefully adjusted to achieve an optimal stereo balance.

The Verdict: Stereo Reverb, Re-aligned and Redefined

Our exhausting pursuit of great stereo sound actually led to a funny anecdote that perfectly underscores the extraordinary lengths we went to in order to surpass the original hardware.

One of our seasoned engineers, while revisiting his own hand-tuning, exclaimed, “The way it wobbles and creates waves in the amplitude is consistent across all sizes. That’s impossible to achieve with manual tuning.”

Ironically, after dedicating months of time to meticulously sculpt the REV6000’s stereo algorithm, this once “impossible” result is exactly what he achieved.

This funny anecdote serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations, resulting in a new stereo reverb experience that faithfully captures the magic of the original S6000 while elevating it to new heights.

The REV6000 offers an unparalleled level of depth, clarity, and immersion that transcends the limitations of the original hardware. For this reason, it isn’t merely an emulation; it’s an absolute re-creation.

Experience the Superiority Yourself

Download our free trial and compare it side-by-side with the original hardware.

We’re confident that you’ll be astounded by the unprecedented level of fidelity and refinement we have achieved, particularly in stereo.

Immerse yourself in the sonic landscape of the REV6000.