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All preset parameters are included in the automatable parameter list, with the exception of the Right/Side Mode and Link parameters.

These parameters are omitted as they toggle in conjunction with their counterparts on the other channel.

The Left/Mid Mode and Link parameters can be viewed as the 'Primary' parameters, while the Right/Side parameters operate as 'Secondary' counterparts.

The parameters are as follows:

Active Left
Active Right
L/M Low Band 1 dB/Oct
L/M Low Band 1 Frequency
L/M Low Band 1 Cut/Boost
L/M Low Band 1 Mode
L/M Low Band 1 Link
L/M Low Band 2 dB/Oct
L/M Low Band 2 Frequency
L/M Low Band 2 Cut/Boost
L/M Low Band 2 Mode
L/M Low Band 2 Link
L/M High Band 1 dB/Oct
L/M High Band 1 Frequency
L/M High Band 1 Cut/Boost
L/M High Band 1 Mode
L/M High Band 1 Link
L/M High Band 2 dB/Oct
L/M High Band 2 Frequency
L/M High Band 2 Cut/Boost
L/M High Band 2 Mode
L/M High Band 2 Link
R/S Low Band 1 dB/Oct
R/S Low Band 1 Frequency
R/S Low Band 1 Cut/Boost
R/S Low Band 2 dB/Oct
R/S Low Band 2 Frequency
R/S Low Band 2 Cut/Boost
R/S High Band 1 dB/Oct
R/S High Band 1 Frequency
R/S High Band 1 Cut/Boost
R/S High Band 2 dB/Oct
R/S High Band 2 Frequency
R/S High Band 2 Cut/Boost

More articles within same category