Ultra-Realistic Cinematic Reverb

The World’s Most Accurate Recreation of an Iconic “Hollywood” Favorite

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Ultra-Realistic Cinematic Reverb

Whether you’re looking for a tight, focused room sound or that classic large warm “Hollywood Hall,” the Relab VSR REV6000 has you covered.

With its precise and perfect imaging, it’s never been faster and easier to add true-to-life depth and space to your mixes.

ONLY $149 - SAVE $50

Sonsig ACE Dimensional Expander

Effortless Width. Limitless Dimension.

Transform your mixes from ordinary to extraordinary with Sonsig ACE, the ultimate modulation plug-in for mix engineers seeking unmatched width and depth.

Sonsig ACE is a cutting-edge dimensional expander designed to be the “Swiss-army knife” of dimensional effects, unlocking a sonic universe with its 12-in-1 power

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QuantX Natural Resonance Reverb

Dive into the Depths of This Long-Adored Classic Reverb Like Never Before

QuantX is the world’s only dual-engine premium re-creation of a beloved 80’s natural resonance hardware reverb.

Once you try QuantX, you’ll instantly feel the essence of this classic room simulator, and hear what makes this uniquely natural and realistic reverb so compelling.

ONLY $149 - SAVE $50

Maselec MEA-2 Precision Stereo EQ

The Ultimate in Mastering-Grade EQs

Developed in exclusive collaboration with renowned engineer Leif Mases, the Maselec MEA-2 Precision Stereo EQ is the only officially endorsed plug-in that brings you the meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled precision of the iconic hardware.

As soon as you integrate this highly revered EQ into your workflow, you’ll immediately understand why top-tier audio engineers have trusted it for decades.

ONLY $149 - SAVE $50

LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb V4

The Definitive Recreation of a Legend

The LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb Plug-in is the only sample accurate dual-engine recreation of the original hardware that gets you that legendary reverb sound.

Put this into a mix today and finally experience the same industry-leading sound quality that top mixers and producers have trusted for years.

ONLY $199 - SAVE $150

Sonsig Rev-A

Classic Algorithmic Reverb – Revitalized

Sonsig Rev-A combines traditional true-stereo algorithmic reverb with advanced modern filter and modulation controls in a great-sounding, easy to use, affordable plug-in. 

With Sonsig Rev-A, you’re sure to get the perfect reverb, fast and easy – every time.

ONLY $99 - SAVE $50

LX480 Essentials

Four Legendary Reverb Sounds – One Easy To Use Plug-in

Relab LX480 Essentials not only faithfully captures the sound of a classic reverb, but makes getting that legendary sound faster and easier than ever before.

Transform your tracks with the rich complex textures, and lush spacious reverb tails that only Relab can deliver.

ONLY $39 - SAVE $60