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Outpul Levels Section

Welcome to the Levels Section of our QuantX manual.

This section is meticulously designed to guide you through the nuanced control of three pivotal parameters: Dry Level, Reverb (VERB) Level, and Enhancement (ENH) Level.

Each of these parameters plays a crucial role in shaping the balance of your reverb mix, offering a spectrum of possibilities from subtle texturing to profound transformations.

Dry Level:

This parameter is your gateway to balancing the unprocessed signal with the processed effects. It ranges from a complete mute (OFF) to a full presence (0dB), allowing you to blend the original sound with the first reflection delay and reverb effects. Whether you aim for a subtle undercurrent of the original signal or a pronounced clarity alongside reverb, the Dry Level offers the flexibility needed for precise control.

Reverb (VERB) Level:

Reverb is the essence of spatial depth in audio production, and this parameter empowers you to dictate its dominance in your mix. From completely silencing the reverb (OFF) to immersing your sound in lush spatial effects (0dB), the Reverb Level control is essential for both subtle ambiance and dramatic spatial transformations.

Enhancement (ENH) Level:

Enhancement effects are the final touch in crafting your sound's unique character. This parameter, ranging from OFF to 0dB, allows you to introduce these effects with finesse. Whether you require a slight enhancement to add depth or a more pronounced effect for a transformative sound experience, the ENH Level is your tool for creative expression.

In the following sections, we will explore each parameter in detail, providing step-by-step guidance on their functionalities and applications.

More articles within same category