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Preset Manager

Preset Name

When you select a preset name, it opens the Preset Manager.

This Manager allows you to:

  • Browse Presets and Preset Folders (Packs): Easily navigate through various presets and organized packs.
  • Manage Presets: View and enter metadata for each preset, delete presets, or use the 'Save As' option for customization.
  • Favorite Presets: Click the “heart” symbol to add a preset to your favorites for quick access.
  • Tagging: Utilize existing tags or create custom tags for presets. This feature facilitates quick previewing and identification of relevant settings.
  • Grouping in Packs: Organize presets into packs for streamlined management.
  • Add Notes: Attach notes to each preset or pack, providing insights or guidance on their uses and the effects they are expected to produce.

Clicking anywhere in the Main display or on the “X” in the top-right corner closes the Preset Manager.

Note: The Preset name in the Top Menu changes from white to orange when a parameter has changed from the preset’s saved state. Appended to the preset name is an asterisk when a parameter has changed from the preset’s saved state.

+ New Pack

In the Preset Manager when you select '+ New Pack', it opens a panel where you can:

  • Enter Pack Details: Provide a name and creator information for the new pack.
  • Assign Tags: Tag the pack to categorize and facilitate easy searching.
  • Add Notes: Include notes that offer additional information or guidance about the pack.
  • Select an Image: Choose an image for the pack either by browsing your files or simply dragging and dropping it into the designated area.

Save As

The 'Save As' feature, accessible both in the Preset Manager and from the Main Menu, opens a panel that enables you to:

  • Enter Preset Details: Specify the name and creator of the preset.
  • Pack Assignment: Choose to assign the preset to an existing pack or create a new pack for it.
  • Tagging: Assign tags to the preset for easier categorization and retrieval.
  • Add Notes: Include notes to provide insights or relevant information about the preset.

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