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Reverb Level – LEV


0 to 254


Controls the input gain of the reverberation engine. Settings above 160 will result in saturation of the internal calculations. This parameter affects both reverberation and early reflections.

On the original hardware, this value was hardcoded for Hall, Plate/Room and the Ambience Algorithms. The Reverb Level was included in the Random Hall Algorithm. Set the value to 160 when using the Hall, Plate/Room and Ambience algorithms for true emulation.


The original hardware only had a Reverb Level (LEV) parameter in the Random Hall algorithm. The reverb level was set to 160 for the other algorithms.

The LX480 includes this parameter (LEV) in all the other algorithms, including reproducing its behaviour.

This parameter is NOT a straightforward volume control.

Settings between 0 and 160 it functions as a conventional volume control,

Settings above 160 introduce saturation with various intensities in both the diffusion and the reverberator sections to create a more upfront reverb sound.

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