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Tempo Sync

Tempo Sync

The Tempo Sync checkboxes are used to base the associated sliders' time on a sub-division of the host DAW's session tempo.

The range for each of these sliders is between 1/64 triplet and 1 bar dotted.

The table below shows the available steps and shortcodes when tempo sync is selected.

Step Number Note Subdivision
Secondary Display Parameter Text
20 (top of slider) dotted 1 bar 1b d
19 1 Bar 1b
18 1 bar triplet 1b t
17 Dotted Half Note 1/2 d
16 Half Note 1/2
15 Half Note Triplet 1/2 t
14 Dotted Quarter Note 1/4 d
13 Quarter Note 1/4
12 Quarter Note Triplet 1/4 t
11 Dotted Eighth Note 1/8 d
10 Eighth Note 1/8
9 Eighth Note Triplet 1/8 t
8 Dotted Sixteenth Note 1/16 d
7 Sixteenth Note 1/16
6 Sixteenth Note Triplet 1/16 t
5 Dotted Thirty-Second Note 1/32 d
4 Thirty-Second Note 1/32
3 Thirty-Second Note Triplet 1/32 t
2 Dotted Sixty-Fourth Note 1/64 d
1 Sixty-Fourth Note 1/64
0 (bottom of slider) Sixty-Fourth Note Triplet 1/64 t

Enable Tempo Sync By Right Clicking On A Slider

You can enable and disable host DAW tempo sync on specific sliders using a “right-click.”

The following sliders allow for host DAW tempo sync:

Slider Name Shortcode Algorithm
Reverb Time Mid RTM
All Reverb algorithms
Pre Delay PDL
All Reverb algorithms
Left Delay 1 Value DDL1
Twin Delays only
Right Delay 2 Value DDL2
Twin Delays only
Left Delay 3 Value DDL3
Twin Delays only
Right Delay 4 Value DDL4
Twin Delays only

Like parameter locking, host tempo sync is turned off by default, and “Enable Tempo Sync” and “Disable Tempo Sync” can be toggled from the slider dropdown menu.

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