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The Definitive Emulation of a Legendary Reverb

The Relab LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb Plug-in is the definitive emulation of a legendary hardware reverb from the mid-1980s.

We’ve combined the power of advanced machine learning with our proprietary Psychoacoustic Spatial Alignment (PSA) system to deconstruct and reconstruct one of the most complex and random reverb algorithms ever made.

And after hundreds of thousands of calculations over months using this breakthrough technology, the result is the most authentic 1-to-1 sample accurate hardware emulation available on the market.

But don’t take our word for it, listen for yourself and you’ll instantly hear the remarkable difference between the LX480 and any other reverb.

This Is An Authentic 1-to-1 Sample Accurate Reverb Re-Creation

The original unit is the result of years of focused research and thousands of hours of listening tests to “tune” every single parameter.

Like architects who balance art and science to create beautiful and great-sounding music halls or recording studios, reverb designers were no different.

What they discovered was that a mathematical reverb formula needs an artistic human touch for it to come to life and be musical.

So even if a modern plug-in designer has the original algorithm design (although in this case the original algorithm designs have been famously lost), they do not have the real "magic" added by the original designers.

The secret behind all that extensive psychoacoustic knowledge, as well as countless hours of detailed tuning and tweaking, has finally been discovered.

Every single setting of every single parameter, including any random design aspects and modulation that give each reverb its unique sonic signature, has been recreated.

The result is a remarkable emulation that captures the true essence of the original in every possible way, giving you reverbs that come to life and change behavior over time exactly like the original.

The Reverb Used On Countless Hits and Movie Blockbusters

Get the same time-tested and proven pro level reverbs trusted by the top music and film mixers in the world on countless hit records for nearly 4 decades

This reverb has been the standard by which all other reverb processors have been measured.

Plus, Relab was lucky enough to acquire one of the original hardware units from the Hit Factory in New York when they closed their doors.

You can’t even begin to imagine the list of mixes on which this unit was used!

This studio was home to sessions by John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Beyoncé, U2, Michael Jackson… The list is endless.

It doesn’t get much more perfect or “golden” than that. And we’ve captured every bit of its magic in this emulation.

The LX480 Puts Five Powerful Reverbs At Your Fingertips

Each reverb algorithm in the LX480 has its unique character which can be used to create a variety of different sounds.

There are 4 classic reverb algorithms inside the LX480 :

  • Hall
  • Room/Plate
  • Random Hall
  • Ambience

Plus our proprietary high-definition, ultramodern Random Hall HD reverb algorithm

Add to this a host of additional powerful parameters, the LX480 is flexible enough to be used for many vintage, modern and other-wordly creative effects.

It's The Only Dual-Engine Emulation On The Market

At the heart of the LX480 is the unique Dual-Engine configuration of the original hardware.

In fact, the LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb is the only emulation on the market to include these Dual-Engine routing capabilities.

This powerful feature allows you to use two LX480 algorithms at one time in your choice of 4 unique engine configurations.

With Dual-Engine routings, the creative possibilities increase exponentially. It allows you to chain two different effects together in new and exciting ways, more so than simply using two instances of a plug-in.

Caution - With More Power Comes More Creative Possibilities

The Relab LX480 also includes a wealth of new features not found on the original hardware.

The original hardware had limited DSP power, so the reverb designer had to remove some of the early taps of some of the reverb algorithms.

This was done to ensure there was enough power for the diffusion module and other areas. This meant that some of the early reflections were not as realistic as they could have been.

This limitation is removed in LX480 and all six early reflection delay taps are available.

We've also included extra functions and parameters for better sound shaping, and exhaustive modeled input and output stages.

Everything is modeled, from internal clipping to quirks in the feedback loops.

We've given you the option to add the same, much sought-after saturation sound from Random Hall and added it to both the Hall and Plate/Room algorithms.

Get All The Precision Of The Original Hardware and More

Put the LX480 up against any other emulation — and you'll be surprised by its depth and precision.

Not only have we included the original Hall, Plate/Room reverb algorithms from the original hardware, but you also get the Random Hall and Random Ambience algorithms from the early 90s.

This gives you unprecedented power and flexibility to create any space, from the tightest rooms to the vastest halls, with never-before-heard emulation accuracy.

The Size, Shape, and Spread parameters from the original hardware are breakthroughs in reverbs that remain unmatched by other algorithmic reverbs.

Because even the most magnificent recording halls have uneven initial build-up and decay, the perceived reverb time is much longer than the "actual" reverb time.

The original designers discovered that there is a “critical time window” where our auditory system gets its most important cues to the size and character of a space.

And where most reverbs relied on a simple pre-delay to try to simulate this effect, the Shape, and Spread parameters were designed to give you precise control over the initial build-up of energy in this critical time window — just like a real space.

And because we've captured the true behavior of the original hardware, the LX480 puts all of that precision at your fingertips so you can create almost any reverb "attack" and "sustain" envelope, giving you endless reverb possibilities in a single plug-in.

Plus, It’s Much More Than Just a Reverb

The Relab LX480 is also more than just reverb. It is a full-on Dual-Engine Multi-Effects Plug-in.

So not only do you have all of the classic reverb algorithms that made the original hardware legendary, you also get a delay and a stereo widener algorithm.

Create one-of-a-kind delay sounds with a unique cross feedback design

The Twin Delays Algorithm can be used to create classic doubling effects, ping-pong delays, as well as unique cavernous echoes, simply by adjusting the feedback and panning controls and filters.

Create one-of-a-kind delay sounds with a unique cross-feedback design for richer and more complex echo patterns.

With an added tempo lock, you can now create many synced rhythmic delays not available on the original hardware.

The true power comes into play when using Twin Delays in Dual Engine mode, where some unique cascaded delays set back by diffused reverbs can be easily created and recalled as instant effect chains.

Widen your stereo field with the Panorama algorithm

The Panorama algorithm increases the apparent width of stereo sounds by eliminating the crosstalk around the ears of the listener.

One of the major uses of this program is to spread the sound of a reverb (or any sound source for that matter) outside the bounds of the loudspeakers.

The net result is a much wider stereo field.

This can be extremely useful when working with sounds recorded in mono, or even stereo tracks that you want put push even wider.

And like the original hardware, the stereo widener can also be used in Dual Engine mode for some unique and creative effects.

The possibilities are endless.

Versatility like you've never experienced before

For those who are familiar with the hardware, a lot of effort was put into not only recreating the original's sound but the appearance and feel as well.

Looking For A Vintage Reverb Sound?

A brand new “Hardware” mode has been introduced to make moving from the hardware to the software a seamless experience.

The option to include every single nuance of the original has been included so you can take advantage of all the grit and edgy artifacts that gave the original hardware its unique “forward” sound.

Features like;

  • 18-bit truncation
  • Hard-clipping saturation for a grittier, more “in your face” reverb sound
  • Modulation Truncation for a richer top end
  • Emulations of the different analog and digital input/output stages

We've even included a full chorus section so you can create the rich and lush reverb tails wildly used in the late 70s and early 80s.

Prefer A More Modern Reverb Sound?

For those of you who are looking to push the limits that a modern production workflow has to offer, simply select advanced mode to reveal a ton of modern production possibilities.

The LX480 can be run in 32-bit float mode for a cleaner, more modern reverb sound.

We've also added our groundbreaking Random Hall HD (High Definition) algorithm which takes advantage of modern processing power, to rival the sound of modern hardware reverbs 10x the price.

Explore Hundreds of Hand-Crafted Presets To Spark Your Imagination

The LX480 comes with hundreds of presets to get you started.

There’s a vast selection of both original factory presets as well as many new original Relab presets. We also include some custom signature presets from Grammy-winning Relab users including Richard Furch, Joe Carrell, and more.

There are reverbs, delays, and other effects that can be tweaked to your heart's content to create the perfect sound for your track, every time.

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