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Additional Controls

As well as controlling the plug-in by left-clicking and dragging the mouse, you can use many different keyboard modifiers and right-click actions to speed up your workflow.

Right-Click Menu

By right-clicking any slider, you bring up a dropdown menu to lock and unlock parameters.

You can also copy and paste values between sliders.

On selected sliders, you can even enable and remove tempo-sync functionality.

LX480 Right-Click Menu Main

Locking/Unlocking Parameters

Locking a slider means its value is retained when a new preset is loaded.

By default, sliders are unlocked.

To lock a parameter, right-click to bring up the sliders dropdown menu and select “Lock.”

LX480 Right-click Lock

When a slider is locked, an asterisk is displayed on the right-hand side of its shortcode name on the secondary display.

LX480 Locked Slider Secondary Display

To unlock a slider, right-click the slider and select “Remove Lock” from the dropdown menu.

LX480 Right-click Remove Lock


Not all algorithms have identical parameters.

If a parameter is locked, and a new preset does not have that parameter, there will be no audible affect but the parameter remains locked in the background.

To paste values, right-click on a destination slide and select “Paste Value.”

Copying and pasting values on “unrelated” sliders leads to undesired behaviours.


Copying and Pasting Parameters is very useful when you want to copy specific settings between engines.

For example:

Copying the same Pre Delay (PDL) value on both Engine 1 and Engine 2

It’s also useful when an algorithm has several of the same parameter types.

For example:

Copying the delay time between any of the 4 Early Reflection Echo Delays (DL1-DL5)

Enable Tempo Sync By Right Clicking On A Slider

You can enable and disable host DAW tempo sync on specific sliders using a “right-click.”

The following sliders allow for host DAW tempo sync:

Slider Name Shortcode Algorithm
Reverb Time Mid RTM
All Reverb algorithms
Pre Delay PDL
All Reverb algorithms
Left Delay 1 Value DDL1
Twin Delays only
Right Delay 2 Value DDL2
Twin Delays only
Left Delay 3 Value DDL3
Twin Delays only
Right Delay 4 Value DDL4
Twin Delays only

Like parameter locking, host tempo sync is turned off by default, and “Enable Tempo Sync” and “Disable Tempo Sync” can be toggled from the slider dropdown menu.

Keyboard Modifiers

You can quickly return a slider to its default position using keyboard modifiers or enable fine control of parameters.

Action (Mac) Action (Windows) Operation Notes
Option + left click Alt + left click Reset Slider to default value
You can also “double-click” the slider
Shift + left click Shift + left click Fine adjust


Scroll Wheel

Rather than clicking and dragging with the mouse, the LX480 also supports a scroll wheel and trackpad based on the current cursor position.

On vertical-based UI elements, scroll up and down

On horizontal UI elements, scroll left and right

Scroll wheel operation works on almost any of the LX480 UI elements, including sliders, trims, page buttons, primary display buttons and checkboxes.

More articles within same category