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Secondary Display, Parameter Sliders and Undo/Redo Buttons

LX480 Parameter Controls

LX480 Parameter Controls

Control specific parameters using the 6 parameters sliders found on the lower half of the interface.

The current parameter value controlled by each slider is shown on the secondary display immediately above each slider.

For readabilities sake, each parameter has a three-letter shortcode.

When any slider value is being modified, the Secondary Display temporarily shows the full parameter name and value.

When you let go of the slider, the secondary display returns to its normal view.

LX480 Secondary Display Single Parameter Display

The secondary display also shows the modified parameter's full name when modified using the primary display in Advanced Mode.

If the graphical control modifies two parameters simultaneously, then one parameter is shown on the left-hand side and the other on the right-hand side.

LX480 Secondary Display Multi-Parameter View

Undo/ Redo Buttons

Each slider has two states, its current value, and its previous value.

Click on the undo/redo button at the bottom of the slider to alternate values for a quick A/B of that individual parameter.

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