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Setting Your Inputs and Outputs for Optimal Reverb Effects

In this section of our technical manual, we delve into the critical aspects of Input and Output Metering in QuantX, providing a comprehensive guide to effectively manage and optimize your audio signals.


  • Overview: Understand the functionality of the Input Metering section, featuring a left (L) and right (R) LED meter display with a dynamic range from -72dB to +12dB.
  • Steps to Use: Learn the step-by-step process for monitoring input levels, adjusting inputs for optimal gain staging, and understanding their impact on the sound quality.
  • Best Practices: Gain insights into implementing best practices for input level adjustments, ensuring a balanced and effective reverb effect.


  • Overview: Explore the Output Metering section, mirroring the Input Metering with its L and R LED displays, and understand the unique addition of two meters reflecting the plugin's four-output architecture.
  • Steps to Use: Follow a detailed guide on exploring and utilizing the Output Metering section, including understanding the four-output architecture, monitoring primary and additional meters, and applying adjustments for optimal sound.
  • Spatial Quality Tuning: Learn how to fine-tune the spatial qualities of your reverb, balancing dry and wet signals to achieve the desired depth and ambiance in your audio.

More articles within same category