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Welcome to the Reverb section of the QuantX Resonance Reverb.

This section is designed to guide you through the nuanced aspects of reverb design, essential for creating rich and immersive audio experiences.

Here, we will explore a range of parameters that allow for precise control and creative flexibility in shaping your reverb effects.

1st Reflection (REFL.) Delay and Level

Delay: This parameter enables you to set the delay time for the first audible reflection after the direct sound, ranging from 1 to 200 ms. It's crucial for enhancing the realism and spatial depth of your reverb, simulating various acoustic environments.

Level: Adjust the volume of the first reflection relative to the direct sound. This setting influences the character and spatial perception of the reverb, allowing you to create a sense of immediacy or spaciousness.

Reverb Pre-Delay

This parameter sets the time interval between the direct sound and the onset of the reverb tail. It's instrumental in shaping the perceived size and texture of the virtual space, from intimate to expansive environments.


Expand on the classic design of the Quantec QRS Hardware Reverb unit with selectable bandwidth settings. This parameter changes the frequency range of the reverb effect, enabling you to create everything from vintage tones to modern, expansive reverbs.

Reverb Time

Control the duration of the reverb effect, from subtle ambiance to long echoes. This parameter is dynamically adjusted based on the 'Room Size' setting, providing flexibility for simulating various acoustic environments.


This feature offers a sophisticated chorus effect with a Dual-Engine setup. It adds texture and dimension to the reverb, ranging from subtle thickening to lush, richly textured sounds.

High End and Low End

High End: Adjust the decay of high-frequency sounds, tuning the volume of echoes for these frequencies.
Low End: Control the reverb time for low frequencies, manipulating the echo duration for deeper sounds.

Reverb Room Size

Simulate the acoustic characteristics of different-sized spaces, from small rooms to vast halls. This parameter affects aspects like delay time, reverberation rise time, echo density, and natural resonances.

Each of these parameters offers a unique contribution to the overall reverb effect, allowing you to craft a specific atmosphere and depth in your audio projects. Whether you are aiming for subtle nuances or dramatic spatial effects, this section will equip you with the knowledge and tools to achieve your desired sound with precision and creativity.

More articles within same category