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Operating Mode Switch

There are two main operating modes on the LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb Plug-in.

  1. Hardware Mode (HDW)
  2. Advanced Mode (ADV)

To switch between both modes, simply use the mode selector switch near the Function and Page Buttons.

LX480 Operation Mode Switch
LX480 Operation Mode Switch

Hardware Mode (HDW)

This mode provides a more streamlined user interface, similar to the original hardware unit. The number of page buttons is reduced to four and the main display is smaller.

Also, in Hardware Mode, any additional parameters not found on the original hardware are removed. However, all parameters have the same ranges, no matter what mode you are in.

LX480 HDW Mode

Advanced mode (ADV)

This expanded mode provides extra graphical information on the main display, offers additional audio parameters and sub-divides the pages into groups, which we believe is more intuitive for today’s DAW generation.

LX480 Advanced Mode

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