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Reverb Time Mid – RTM


0s to 66s (depending on the parameter Size (SIZ))


Sets the decay time of the reverberation algorithm at mid frequencies. Reverb Time Mid acts as a master control for the reverb time, since the low frequency and high-frequency reverb time parameters are a multiplier of the Reverb Time Mid parameter.

The Bass Frequency Crossover (BXO) and High Frequency Crossover (HXO) parameters determine where these frequencies lie.

When the Decay Optimization (DCO) is on one of the Effects settings, the interaction between Reverb Time Mid and Size (SIZ) is deactivated. When the DCO parameter is on a Reverb setting, the interaction is activated and the actual value set for Reverb Time Mid varies with the setting of Size (SIZ).

When the algorithm is set in one of the reverb modes, the Size (SIZ) should be adjusted before Reverb Time Mid when a specific decay time is necessary.


On the Random Hall algorithm it is the Reverb Mode (MOD) parameter which sets whether it is in Reverb or Effects mode.

This parameter on the original hardware has discrete values, however, in LX480 this is interpolated to make it continuous giving you finer control of reverb times.

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