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Spread – SPR


0 to 255


The Spread parameter controls the time stretch of the initial decay phase. It works in combination with the Shape and Decay Optimization parameters to form the overall contour of the early part of the reverberation.

The Spread control determines how quickly the reflections build up. A higher value makes the reverb space sound bigger and sometimes works better than adjusting the Size parameter. A low Spread setting means the reverberation starts quickly and has less sustain in the initial contour.

Normally, the Spread parameter is linked to the Size parameter. The maximum value for Spread depends on the selected Size. When the Decay Optimization or Reverb Mode parameter is in Effect mode, the Spread and Size parameters are unlinked.


Although the Shape and Spread parameters have been around since the early Hall algorithm, the settings for Random Hall and Ambience do not match. We suggest that if you switch from a Hall to a Random Hall while designing a sound, that you adjust Shape and Spread accordingly.

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