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LX480 Original Factory Preset Bank: Rooms

1 Music Club

Music Club is similar to Jazz Hall, but it is smaller and has less reverberation at high frequencies.

2 Large Room

Large Room is like a lecture room. It is smaller than Music Club, and more colorful, with comb filtering and slap echoes.

3 Medium Room

Medium Room is a smaller version of Large Room.

4 Small Room

Small Room is much smaller than the Large and Medium Rooms. It has less reverberation than the other two rooms. This room is designed to sound like a typical American living room.

5 Very Small Room

Very Small Room has the intimate, close feel of a bedroom or den.

6 Large Wood Room

Large Wood Room creates a sound that is similar to Large Room, but has a lower BASS MULT, simulating a room with thin wooden paneling, or a cheaply made warehouse or auditorium.

7 Small Wood Room

Small Wood Room is a smaller version of Large Wood Room

8 Large Chamber

Large chamber has few size cues. This means it produces a sound that is similar to a good live chamber with nonparallel walls and hard surfaces. You can use a large chamber wherever you would normally use a plate, but with a more subtle acoustic sound.

9 Small Chamber

Small Chamber is a smaller version of Large Chamber

10 Small and Bright

Small and Bright makes a sound seem more present, without adding a lot of reverberation.


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