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LX480 Original Factory Preset Bank: Random Hall

Like the Legacy Hall Presets , the Random Hall presets are designed to emulate real concert halls. The random elements in these programs provide smoother decay, particularly where values of Size and Reverb Time are high.

1 Large RHall

Large RHall makes the music sound like it is in a large concert hall using the Random Hall Algorithm.

This preset creates a reverb sound that is similar to what you would hear in a large, square concert hall. The musicians are not placed on a stage at one end, but in the middle of the hall. This way, they are not close to any surfaces that might produce reflections.

Think of this as having distant mics between the sound source and the walls. They are directed away from the musicians, so they pick up little or no direct energy.

This reverb gives your recording the ambience of a large hall, without making the direct sound muddy or unclear.

Because of the large SPREAD value, you should use only a small amount of this effect to get the best results. If the reverb sounds too strong or makes your recording sound unclear, you might be overdoing it!

Some settings that are typical for good concert halls are BASS MULT at maximum, RT HF CUT at a medium level, and HF CUTOFF set to a low value. To create reverb with a medium density and low color, set SIZE to maximum. If a higher density is needed (for material such as closely-mic’d percussion), try reducing SIZE to about 25.

2 Large RHall + Stage

Large RHall + Stage is similar to Large RHall, except that the musicians are located at one end of the hall and sound effects are simulated through several preechoes.

3 Medium RHall

Medium RHall is very similar to Large RHall, but smaller.

4 Medium RHall + Stage

Medium RHall + Stage is very similar to Large RHall + Stage, but smaller.

5 Small RHall

Small RHall is a smaller version of Medium RHall.

6 Small RHall + Stage

Small RHall +Stage is a smaller version of Medium RHall + Stage.

7 Large RChurch

Large RChurch is a big space using the Random Hall Algorithm. The musicians are centrally located. RT MID is comparatively long.

8 Small RChurch

Small RChurch is a smaller version of Large RChurch using the Random Hall Algorithm

9 Jazz RHall

Jazz RHall is a small space with hard, bright walls. It has a short RT MID, which means it sounds like a hall full of people without the noise. It also has high diffusion, which means it sounds good with jazz or pop material.

10 Auto Park R

Auto Park R recreates the sound of an underground parking garage using the Random Hall Algorithm

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