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LX480 Original Factory Preset Bank: Twin Delays

1 4-Voice Double

Delay voices are doubled in stereo. When you add this to the dry signal, it makes the sound crisp, wide, and uncluttered.

2 Double Delay

Two voices produce a double effect. The other two voices provide a delay that is synced with the double. Cross panned feedback makes the sound even more interesting.

3 4-Bounce Delay

The delay effect moves between the left and right channels, Very clean.

4 Pitter Patter

Delays are widely spaced with reiterative and cross panned feedback.

5 X-Pan Double

Two voices are cross panned through delays. Great for stereo background vocals.

6 Delay Cave

It’s all in the title on this one.

7 Circles

Long delays with cross panned feedback that creates a "circular" effect.

8 There & Back

Delay starts on one channel, slaps to the other, and returns.

9 Soft Roller

Stereo echo with high frequency cut.

10 On and On

Long echoes that pan across the center.

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