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LX480 Original Factory Preset Bank: Post Ambience

The Post Ambience Program bank contains a group of presets that have been designed to meet the requirements of post production.

Several algorithms are used to create these programs.

Each preset description refers to the algorithm used to create it.

1 Car Interior (Random Hall)

This is a 4-door car. To make it a station wagon, raise the value of Shape. To close the windows, raise the pre-echo levels.

2 Living Room (Random Hall)

The average suburban type.

3 Bathroom (Hall)

Larger than average.

4 Kitchen Ambience (Ambience)

Can you find your disposal sound effect?

5 Kellars Cell (Random Hall)

No, it's not a padded cell. Small, deep, and the surfaces are hard.

6 Small Foley (Ambience)

The Ambience algorithm is used for this preset. If you set Moving Size to 1.5M, the ambience bloom will open up. If you vary MIX from 100% wet, the 19ms dry delay will be heard in the audio path.

7 Warehouse (Ambience)

It's big — real big!

8 Airhead (Random Hall)

Take some headphones, remove the elements and replace them with diffuser panels. Space the panels 10" from your ears. Use it aggressively!

9 Reverb Tail (Random Hall)

This preset creates a very warm, long reverberant wash that makes for a great fade. Unlike infinite, the inputs are always active.


More articles within same category