QuantX Natural Resonance Reverb

Dive into the Depths of This Long-Adored Classic Reverb Like Never Before

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Introducing the QuantX Natural Resonance Reverb by Relab

QuantX is the world’s only dual-engine premium re-creation of a beloved 80’s hardware reverb, revered for its highly realistic ambience and long reverb times.

This legendary resonance reverb, once the cornerstone of many world-class studios, has been meticulously re-created so you can:

  • Feel the authenticity in every tweak: Relab’s advanced machine learning captures every nuance, giving you the sound AND feel of the legendary hardware, quirks included.
  • Shape your sound with precision: Relab’s unique dual-engine design of QuantX enables real-time fine-tuning of reverb width and “front-to-back” depth for unparalleled sound sculpting.
  • Enhance your mixes with ease: With hand-tuned 8-voice modulation, first reflection channel swapping and expanded bandwidth control, QuantX makes crafting complex, textured reverbs fast and simple. 

Once you try QuantX, you’ll instantly feel the essence of this classic room simulator, and hear what makes this uniquely natural and realistic reverb so compelling.

QuantX is the world’s only dual-engine premium re-creation of a beloved 80’s natural resonance hardware reverb.

The Quantec QRS vs QuantX by Relab

Most reverb emulations use static models that often ignore the hardware’s dynamic character. Building on the success of our popular LX480, and using a next-generation advanced AI-powered framework and extensive analysis of millions of data points, we’re proudly setting new standards by capturing the true dynamic essence of the hardware with unmatched accuracy.

QuantX exceeds typical hardware emulations by meticulously re-creating not only the sound, but the ever-changing character of vintage gear, offering a living, and ever-evolving authentic quality. 

*Quantec and QRS are trademarks of QUANTEC Tontechnik GmbH. which are in no way associated or affiliated with Relab Development. These trademarks, along with any from other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose sounds were studied during the development of the plug-in

Dual Engine , Singular Sound

Maximize Your Mix with Dual-Engine Reverb Control

QuantX’s unique dual-engine design combines two powerful reverb systems, each with its own set of four outputs, working in harmony.

This dual approach gives you the ability to fine-tune both the width and “front-to-back” depth of your reverb in real time.

With QuantX, you’ll enjoy the creative freedom of blending the distinct qualities of both modules in this twin-engine titan, ensuring your reverb always sits perfectly within the mix.

Achieve a Natural Reverb with a Frequency Based Approach

Most reverbs rely solely on the time the sound takes to reflect off surfaces. But QuantX uses unique resonators to replicate the natural behavior of sound traveling through the air. 

Essentially, QuantX uses the room as an instrument, giving you a reverb that feels alive and integrated with the original signal, and producing a more natural and enveloping experience.

When you use the seven room size options from 1 to 1 million cubic meters, and an adjustable first reflection, you’ll be tailoring reverbs from subtle echoes to massive tails.

Dial in Dimension, Keep the Clarity

Enhance mode helps QuantX distinguish itself from other reverbs by creating the illusion of a space with minimal reverb.

Imagine having an additional set of hyper-focused microphones, capturing the very first echoes that bounce off surfaces in a room. This adds an extra sense of three-dimensionality to your tracks without introducing the muddiness that often comes with layering longer reverb tails.

Using QuantX to control “front-to-back” placement makes sounds more present and upfront, or subtly pushes them back, without drowning them in excessive reverb.

Take A Leap Beyond the Original Hardware

Discover Unparalleled Depth With Hand-Tuned 8-Voice Modulation

QuantX also includes Relab’s proprietary hand-tuned Advanced Chorus Ensemble (ACE). The 8-voice modulation adds unique layers of depth and complexity to the reverb, making your sound richer and more textured.

Each voice is meticulously hand-tuned (using a special tool pictured here) and then deeply embedded within the reverb algorithm.  

When you dial in the modulation, you can feel how it’s more like a natural part of the space you’re creating, rather than an added effect.

Refine Your Reverb with Expanded Bandwidth Control

The original unit’s frequency response was limited by its internal sample rate of the digital algorithm and analog filters, resulting in a natural roll-off at 8kHz.

QuantX gives you full control over this and offers a range from 4kHz to 16kHz. Instead of a typical low-pass filter, we recalculated the behavior of the internal sample rate and analog filters, to give you a highly unique and resonant frequency curve.

We carefully chose roll-off points that follow a specific geometric sequence (Renard Series), which, we believe, is what the original designers would have used had they ever chosen to enhance the original hardware.

Transforming Vintage Vibes Into Digital Dreams

Embracing Time's Imperfections in Plug-in Form

At Relab, our goal has always been to go beyond mere emulation. We constantly strive to digitally recreate iconic hardware, by both capturing the sound as well as the unique journey of a unit’s imperfections. 

For the QuantX, we meticulously chose three exceptional units from the US, Japan, and Germany. The German one, noted for its rich sound and minimal noise, stood apart from the other two and set the standard for our emulation.

Over 12 months, we engaged in painstakingly detailed reverse engineering, collaborating with veteran engineers to restore the unit to its original 1980s specifications. We also custom-built interfaces to allow for MIDI control of every original unit.

This precision was crucial for our machine learning algorithms to conduct months of extensive tests, capturing every nuance and imperfection that defined the vintage units’ character.

Specifically, any heat-induced behavior changes, including clock fluctuations due to temperature variations, had to be taken into account. With a ±3% stability factor, these fluctuations significantly impacted reverb coefficients, which was vital to recreating the true feel of the original.

Preserving the Legacy of an Icon

The monumental task of replicating the sound and unpredictable behavior of hardware requires more than just brain power and great ears; it requires serious science and technology. So, we turned to the power of advanced machine learning.

Using a next-generation advanced AI-powered framework and extensive research, we embarked on a 12-month journey to digitally recreate the essence of these vintage units. These systems meticulously gathered millions of data points, analyzing the hardware’s response in every conceivable setting scenario.

We conducted an average of 10,000 iterations for each setting and combination, extending this rigorous process across three distinct hardware units using seven computers. This dedication to authenticity, a hallmark of our approach at Relab, would have been virtually impossible using traditional emulation methods.

Experience the True Essence of a Long-Adored 80's Classic Reverb

With QuantX, you’re not just acquiring another reverb emulation plug-in; you’re stepping into a realm of unparalleled hardware re-creation so you can:

  • Discover the highly realistic natural resonance ambience of a beloved 80’s hardware unit, so you can bring a revered, classic sound to your modern productions.
  • Feel the authenticity in every tweak so you can experience the sound AND true feel of the legendary hardware, complete with its unique quirks.
  • Escape the typical limitations of common reverb plug-ins and enjoy the simplicity and depth of a premium dual-engine re-creation.

QuantX allows you to create a distinctive sonic signature, defined by clarity, quality, and confidence, helping your mixes stand out and capture the listener’s attention.

Elevate Your Sound, Not Your Expenses

Imagine the thrill of hunting down a classic piece of audio history – an original iconic reverb unit from the golden era of 1982. These units, once the heartbeat of high-end studios, are rare finds today. And if you’re lucky enough to find one, you’re looking at shelling out around $5,000. That’s not even counting the expertise and time needed to restore it to its former glory.

But what if you could get all that classic reverb magic and more, without emptying your wallet or diving into the deep end of complex maintenance? That’s where QuantX steps in – it’s exactly like having that legendary reverb unit, but in a super convenient plug-in. 

Think of QuantX as your hassle-free ticket to that legendary sound. No need to break the bank or become a tech wizard to keep it going. Easy, reliable and authentic – that’s QuantX.

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A Special Offer to Celebrate Our Launch

At Relab, we’ve poured years of research and development into the QuantX Dual-Engine Realistic Reverb. Every detail and every nuance has been meticulously re-created to ensure excellence and accuracy. And while preparing to unveil this passion project to the world, we decided to do something special.

In celebration of our launch, and to thank you for being a part of this journey with us, we’re offering an exclusive, limited, and introductory price of just $149 (reg. $199)

It’s our way of showing our appreciation to current and future Relab customers, as well as ensuring that this incredible new reverb is accessible to as many passionate artists and sound engineers as possible.

However, this is a very limited-time offer. Our introductory price won’t last long. So take advantage while you can.



But That’s Not All…

Here are all the bonuses that are waiting for you:

Hand-Crafted Factory Presets

Invigorate your mixing process with presets that have been meticulously crafted by experts. These aren't generic settings; they're starting points designed to inspire and guide you to your best-sounding mixes ever.

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Here’s Why You Need to Act Now:

While the appreciation for our customers will last forever, this introductory price won’t. When it ends, the plug-in will revert to its original price.

And although the QuantX Natural Resonance Reverb is still a steal at $199, why pay more when you don’t have to?

So, if you’re on the fence, this is the time to jump off and grab the QuantX Natural Resonance Reverb for a very limited-time price of $149, and experience its magic before everyone else….and before having to pay more for no reason.

30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Our Promise to You: You don’t need to make a final decision right now. Just give it a try. Dive into the QuantX Natural Resonance Reverb plug-in for a full 30 days, starting from the day you purchase. If you find that it doesn’t capture the essence of the original hardware, or if it doesn’t elevate your mixes with that unparalleled width and depth, or even if it simply doesn’t resonate with your creative spirit, then we believe it’s only fair that you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Simply reach out, and we’ll process a swift, hassle-free refund. No strings attached!

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Hardware Requirements

Mac requirements (64-bit only):

OS X (10.15 or higher), Intel processor, M1 processor, 2GB of ram.

Compatible host application:
– Logic Pro: 10.x
– Pro Tools: from version 11.3.2 and up
– Cubase 9.5 and up
– Nuendo: 8 and up
– Live: 9 and up

Win requirements (64bit only):

Windows 10 or higher, Core 2 or higher, 2GB of ram.

Compatible host application:
– Pro Tools: from version 11.3.2 and up
– Cubase 9.5 and up
– Nuendo: 8 and up
– Live: 9 and up

No hardware dongle is required to authorize this product.

You can choose between local computer authorization OR the ilok USB key (V2 or above). However, a free PACE iLok account, internet connection and the latest PACE drivers are required at the time of product activation. A PACE Ilok account and drivers are available here.

Customer Reviews

Beyond all expectations

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 5, 2023

Beyond all expectations, amazing, it has no equal.

Audio quality of the highest level, destined for a great future and bringing a wealth of detail to the present day.

I had been waiting for years to return. The creation of a plug-in of this power by Relab launches a challenge to sound engineers and music producers. I myself, who work both in the studio and also in live concerts, have glimpsed new lifeblood for the enrichment of sounds.

I had the opportunity to test it quite heavily (I stayed up all night) but so far I haven’t been able to find the bottom, it seems to have a precision in repeatability but at the same time a pure analogue naturalness.

Some things would be desirable that I think will arrive with time anyway, I know they are dreams now, but I’ll list them anyway.

A) It is a little difficult to trim a REVERB Time knob with mouse, solution possible: clickable display value and then typing value on keyboard (changing value of wheel of mouse in pc setting does not give result).

B)Very important is a moment to recall a new preset or memory if sound is in “transit”, a very high spikes is generated; if is possible one option switch for muting during transition?

C) Over of each output fader is desirable a switch to mute each output (for do not move a value). This function is saved only in a user memory saved.

D) One switch to Bypass entire efx.

E) If is possible before preset name numbered a preset?

And the same is possible for user memory?

Example : P12 is DR Bus 3 = Preset 12

U04 is My snare = User memory 04

I also dream that these presets and user memories can be recalled via midi.

I thank you in advance for your patience so far and I dream that one day there will be an upgrade with all this.

Sincere greetings

Dario Ghidoni

Verona Italy

P.S. I bought the plug in because I couldn’t resist without it.

Dario Ghidoni

Sounds like the original - a dream come true !

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 20, 2023

I love the QuantX. It’s sounds really perfect. I knew the original Quantec QRS very well. At that time I was the first producer and musician in Germany to work with the (German) Quantec QRS, which was designed by a friend from Göttingen. We were able to test it during our studio work in 1982/83 on our DISSIDENTEN albums “Sahara Elektrik” and “Casablanca”. In the end it was the only reverb (or better room simulator – what a name in 1982) that I used. I always wanted that sound back. When I heard that Relab was working on it, I was really excited for the release. And best of all: Relab’s QuantX sounds like the original. This will be my #1 plugin from now on. Thanks, Relab. You made a dream come true. I could tell you many stories about the original…… but now the story is being rewritten with your QuantX and there will be many new music albums and songs with this unique sound.. THANK YOU !