Take the next step on the evolutionary path of digital reverb

Sonsig Rev-A

Classic Algorithmic Reverb - Revitalized

Sonsig Rev-A combines traditional true-stereo algorithmic reverb with advanced modern filter and modulation controls in a great-sounding, easy to use, affordable plug-in.

With Sonsig Rev-A, anyone can get the perfect reverb, fast and easy - every time

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Great-Sounding Reverbs Don’t Need To Be Difficult (Or Expensive)

Adding high-end reverb effects to your projects has never been this fast, easy or affordable.

With Sonsig Rev-A, we set out to perfect classic-style digital reverberation by achieving an unparalleled balance of usability, versatility and sound quality.

After years of R&D and close collaboration with some of the best ears in pro audio, the engineers developed breakthrough algorithm technology that blends the strengths of legendary high-end reverbs with zero-compromise modern filters and digital signal processing.

The result is an extraordinarily great-sounding reverb plug-in that is simple to use and affordably price


In development of this reverb processor, Relab experts fine tuned their latest algorithms. It was a tedious process, but end result is nothing short of amazing. Quality that you have yet to experience, sounds that place you within real and unreal spaces with a new level of lucidity, and sounds that redefine the meaning of “lush reverb”.


Combining the strengths of various legendary high-end reverb units modulated by a complete Solina ensemble, results in one of the most complex hybrid structures ever developed.


Dial in small rooms, lushes halls and realistic ambiences with uncompromising and unparalleled sound quality.


Quickly tweak and sculpt your own sound in seconds with ease.


Mix with over 200 of the best collection of golden ears presets

Hear The Long, Lush Tails For Yourself

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BONUS #1: Pro Mixing Workshop: The Expert's Guide to Reverb (Coming Soon!)

In this workshop, engineer/producer Peter Dowsett (Metropolis, Abbey Road Institute) explains reverb in depth and shows you what are you MUST know about creating width and depth in a mix. You’ll learn how to avoid those “little” reverb mistakes that can trigger BIG problems, as well as:

  • The different types of reverb and when to use them
  • How to create space in your mix using reverb
  • The importance of EQ’ing your reverb
  • Tips for creating interesting effects with reverb
  • And more!


So whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned professional looking for some new creative ideas, this workshop is for you as a FREE bonus for a limited time.

BONUS #2: Pro Mixing Masterclass:
Blending Reverbs - A Proven System To Create Distinctive Mixes With More Width And Depth
(Coming Soon!)

As a mix engineer and producer, there’s one thing you need to to know for sure – the power of using multiple reverbs. And that’s exactly what engineer/producer Peter Dowsett (Metropolis, Abbey Road Institute) is going to show you.

In this class, Pete will be discussing:

  • How to use different types of reverbs to achieve a more natural sound
  • The benefits of using multiple reverbs in a mix
  • How to avoid the ” muddy ” sound often associated with using too many reverbs
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to learn the secrets to creating mixes that how more width and depth, this masterclass is for you!

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Along with getting a true-stereo algorithmic reverb with advanced modern filter and modulation controls in a great-sounding, easy to use, affordable plug-in, you also get:


TOTAL VALUE: $149.00


Sonsig Rev-A combines traditional true-stereo algorithmic reverb with advanced modern filter and modulation controls in a great-sounding, easy to use, affordable plug-in

Don’t Miss Our Lowest Price Of The Year - SAVE 50%!

ONLY $74.50

Backed By a 30-Day ZERO-RISK Money Back Guarantee!

Take the next step on the evolutionary path of digital reverb!

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