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LX480 Original Factory Preset Bank: Ambience

The legacy presets for the AMBIENCE algorithm were designed to create the sound of real spaces that are often needed for music, trailer, and post-production work.

1 Very Large Ambience

This resembles a very large ambient space (large shopping mall, parking garage, warehouse) that has far more "clutter" than a concert hall or performance environment. Lowering the RT LEVEL makes the space seem less cluttered, while still keeping the feeling of a large ambient space.

2 Large Ambience

Similar to Very Large Ambience, but less spacious. Makes you feel like you are in a large symmetrical room.

3 Medium Ambience

Similar to Large Ambience, but smaller. Think of a large courtroom, or a lecture room.

4 Small Ambience

Similar to Medium Ambience, but smaller, like a lobby, or small lounge.

5 Strong Ambience

The room size is larger than Medium Ambience, but the RT LEVEL has been reduced to provide a strong "wash" of ambience that will quickly fade away.

6 Heavy Ambience

The LX480 can be used to create a performance space that resembles a large rectangular area. Musicians or performers can be positioned in the middle of the space.

The proximity of the microphone to the musicians or performers can be simulated by adjusting the MIX control. If the LX480 is used with a stereo send and return configuration, the MIX control should be left at ALL FX and the level of the sends will determine proximity effect.

7 Ambient Hall

This is a fast and dense sound that has the reverberant characteristics of a large hall.

8 Announcer

This effect can make a dry voice over track sound more spacious.

9 Closet

This sounds small and cramped.

10 Gated Ambience

This has a fast decay, so it works well with snare drums or other percussion instruments.

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