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LX480 Original Factory Preset Bank: Wild Spaces

Brick Wall

LX480 Brickwall Reverb Preset gives you the sound of running into a brick wall- in the best possible way.

With its tight, non-linear and gated sound, this preset is perfect for adding subtle gated inverse room reverb to your sounds, making them richer and more interesting.

When used in subtle amounts, it is a great sound thickener.

Brickwall is perfect for 1980s effects on ear candy effects and snare drums.

Unlike most gated reverb effects, LX480 Brickwall Reverb Preset can be used on a wide variety of material, from drums and vocals to guitars.


LX480 Buckram Reverb Preset is a softer, less dense variation of Brick Wall.

It has an extended reverb tail that gives the sound more presence and life-like qualities as it fades away at longer lengths.

It's similar to Brickwall, but with a slower build so that it gets “out of the way” of the dry sound and is more subtle.

Buckram sounds great on electric guitars or other instruments where you want something with lots depth but not too much weight in terms of directionality so keyboards would work well too!

Big Bottom

Big Bottom is a low-frequency extender like the oil drums but with a more “woody” character with a slow build.

This preset has a short RT MID and long bass reverb time, leaving the high end more or less untouched.

Perfect for elongating percussive sounds without it being too obvious or distracting in the mix.

Great for adding energy and depth to programmed material.


The 10W-40 preset emulates sounds from oil drum by using long low-frequency reverberation thickened with extra early reflection style delay taps.

Small amounts are great for lengthening sources without them becoming harsh.

Large amounts are good on “thin” sounding sources.


The LX480 20W-50 preset is a more aggressive, larger sounding oil drum.

This preset has a slower build and at the same time the early reflections are slightly longer in time so it has a more “doubling” effect and a less cluttered midrange.

This would be perfect for any modern day horror movie or trailer thriller to make things scarier


The Metallica preset is a very dense, quick building reverb with lots of delay taps, low in level, to help thicken the sound.

This is the perfect choice to add energy to dry drums, with just enough pre-delay to let the transient pass through.

The sound of many 1980s metal snares and toms!

Silica Beads

Place a tiny monitor upside down on top of the snare drum, sprinkle a few thousand beads over the top, and blast it with a few hundred watts.

The outcome? Not nearly as fascinating as Silica Beads.

This is a long but slow building metallic reverb, great for exciting high-frequencies in a source for an ethereal or larger-than-life sound.

You can this of this like a “reverb high-frequency exciter”.

This preset became a staple with vocals on ballad vocals in the 80s and 90s.

Sometimes engineers automate their sends to tame some of the bright “sss” sounds and would combine this with a vocal plate.

Inside Out

Inside Out produces a big echo that sound like it's been turned inside out.

This is an intense non-linear reverb, with lots of mids, great for ethereal or swelling sounds.

Use this for a clearly audible effect which sounds unstable, reversed and surrounds the listener.


Like a slap delay into a plate reverb, the LX480 Ricochet preset is great for soft vocal slaps.

This preset is also great for thickening other “lead sources” like guitars and keyboards.


"Varoom" is another highly unconventional space.

Blending this preset with the dry source creates a sound similar to a car passing you at top speed.

Try it without the dry source for a horror movie like reverse effect.


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