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LX480 Original Factory Preset Bank: Random Spaces

The Random Spaces presets are comparable to the Room presets. The majority of the presets are similar to those in the legacy Rooms preset bank.

However, the random delay elements make the rooms seem more "live". These elements are key when you want to create an atmosphere that is busy or has movement. The "Chorus Room" and "Wet & Tacky" presets have been optimized for a chorus effect that provides spatial qualities.

1 Music Club R

Music ClubR is similar to Jazz Hall, but is smaller and less reverberant--especially at high frequencies.

2 Large Room R

Large Room R resembles a good-sized lecture room. It is smaller than Music Club R, and more colored, with comb filtering and slap echoes.

3 Medium Room R

Medium Room R is a smaller version of Large Room R.

4 Small Room R

Small Room R is much smaller and less reverberant than the Large and Medium Rooms. It resembles a typical American living room.

5 Very Small

Very Small has the intimate, close feel of a bedroom or den.

6 Large Chamber R

Large Chamber R has few size cues. It produces a sound similar to a good live chamber with nonparallel walls and hard surfaces. Large Chamber R can be used wherever a plate would normally be used, but with a more subtle acoustic sound.

7 Small Chamber R

Small Chamber R is a smaller version of program 6.

8 Small & Bright R

Small & Bright R adds presence to a sound without adding a lot of obvious reverberation.

9 Chorus Room 2

A small room with random delay elements that create a subtle chorus effect. This is useful for horns, strings, and vocals.

10 Wet & Tacky

A larger room with longer reverb time and chorus-like random delay elements. The random delay elements add a shimmer to the reverberant decay.

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