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Sonsig ACE Quick Wins: Demystifying Complex Modulation and Modulator Waveshaping

Unlock natural-sounding modulation and breathe life into your mixes. Discover the power of modulator waveshaping

Picture a simple chorus effect – a subtle widening, a pleasant shimmer. While useful, it can sometimes feel a bit predictable, even artificial.

The reason often lies in the simple nature of the type of modulation being used.

Predictable waveforms which our ears can often recognize quickly, shining a spotlight on the effect and often pulling our attention away from the music itself.

This is where modulator waveshaping comes in.

It’s the secret sauce behind those lush, natural-sounding modulation effects that seem to breathe and evolve organically.

Because lets face it, can you really explore truly unique modulation textures if your chorus relies on basic, predictable waveforms?

LFOs: The Foundation of Modulation

At its core, modulation is the rhythmic alteration of a sound’s properties.

A key tool for this is the LFO – a Low-Frequency Oscillator.

Think of it like an invisible hand, twisting a knob back and forth at a set speed.

It can subtly widen your sound (like a traditional chorus), make it wobble and warble, or create entirely new textures.

The Problem with Basic LFOs

2 Voice Routing

While LFOs are powerful, they have limitations.

Picture those classic chorus effects – sine waves, triangles, etc

Sure, they get the job done, but can leave your sound feeling a bit mechanical.

Real-world instruments and even natural acoustic spaces have far more nuanced movement.

Modulator Waveshaping: The Key to Complex Modulators

This is where modulator waveshaping comes in.

Instead of a single LFO, it combines multiple LFOs, each with unique shapes, speeds/frequencies, and phase relationships to one another.

These intertwine, creating a modulation pattern that’s beautifully unpredictable yet cohesive, like the gentle lapping of waves.

This complex modulator, when applied to your sound, adds both subtle nuances and dramatic shifts, mimicking the organic feel we find captivating in real-world sound.

Modulator Waveshaping in Action: The ACE Modulation Engine

A plug-in like Sonsig ACE takes modulator waveshaping to a new level.

Here’s how it works:

  • Hand-Tuned LFOs: ACE doesn’t use generic waveforms. Each LFO is meticulously crafted by hand for a specific sonic purpose, ensuring the base ingredients of your modulation are rich and interesting. 6 of these LFOs are then used per voice – each one hand tuned to a specific speed/frequency. This custom modulator ensures precise control of the modulation for each voice. This has two key benefits:
    • Perfect Control, Zero Problems: ACE’s “modulators” (the complex waveforms created from these LFOs) are engineered to avoid phasing issues that plague simpler chorus effects. This means your sonic sculpting is crystal clear, even when using extreme settings.
    • Organic, Unpredictable Beauty: Each modulator is also designed for maximum “randomization” – capturing the subtle, ever-changing quality of real-world sound. This translates to modulation effects that feel both lush and alive.
  • Multi-Engine Design: Imagine stacking multiple chorus effects, each with its own set of waveshaped modulators. This is the basic idea behind ACE’s multi-engine design, giving you unparalleled flexibility for blending and morphing sonic textures. But ACE takes this concept even further because each engine has its own distinct algorithm, carefully crafted to complement the other. This means when running in series or parallel, they interact in musically meaningful ways, greatly expanding the range of sonic possibilities.
  • Sync and Phase Perfection: One potential issue with complex modulation is phasing, where simple LFOs cancel each other out. ACE’s hand-tuned modulators are perfectly synchronized for unmatched clarity, even when pushed to the extreme.


Unlocking a World of Sonic Possibilities

Modulator waveshaping isn’t just about better modulation effects. It’s a foundational tool for crafting:

  • Immersive pads that swirl and evolve
  • Basslines that pulse with organic energy
  • Rhythmic textures that defy traditional synths


If you’re looking to break free from predictable modulation and infuse your music with captivating movement, the custom hand-tuned modulator waveshaping inside Sonsig ACE is your key.

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