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Sonsig ACE Quick Wins: Unlocking Immersive Dimension with ENRICH

Want mixes that feel 3D? Here's the secret to natural-sounding width and depth.

Why Expansive, Natural-Sounding Width Is So Important

In music production, creating captivating soundscapes requires more than just randomly placing elements within the left-right stereo spread. After all, a simple “left-right” spectrum is not how we experience sound.

Sonsig ACE’s ENRICH control unlocks a new level of dimension, making your sounds feel bigger, wider, and deeper – and most importantly, like they exist in a tangible space.

ENRICH – Lush Dimension, Engineered for Clarity

Sonsig ACE‘s ENRICH feature is unlike anything you’ve ever heard in a modulation effect. Here’s why:

  • Beyond Traditional Modulation: While choruses and flangers can add width, they often suffer from comb filtering and phase problems when using traditional methods like feedback or doubling. And that can be the first issue that ruins a mix. ENRICH avoids these pitfalls, for a cleaner and more realistic result.

  • Early Reflection Magic: ENRICH uses a specialized non-modulated delay system to simulate early reflections – the acoustic cues that our brains use to judge space. This creates a sense of immersive depth without sounding overtly artificial.

  • A True-Stereo ER Engine with Intelligent Routing: ACE features a true-stereo ER engine with 6 “Early Reflections” (ERs) in Single and Serial modes, and 12 in Parallel mode. Your voice selection determines how your signal is routed, offering an extensive range of sonic possibilities.

2 Voice Routing
3&4 Voice Routing
6 Voice Routing

Using ENRICH for Transformative Results

ENRICH is incredibly versatile, and can be used for:

  • Subtle Enhancement: Start with small amounts for realistic dimension on vocals, pads, etc. Perfect for widening a sound while maintaining a natural feel.

  • Thickening Power: Use ENRICH to beef up synths or guitars, by adding presence and body without muddying up a mix.

  • Dramatic Transformation: Crank ENRICH for expansive, almost ambient textures.

  • Experiment with Voice Modes: Lower voice counts offer smooth, blended effects. But using the 6-voice modes will maximize stereo separation for the widest and deepest possible image.

The ENRICH Difference

Unlike standard chorus-like effects that can collapse or sound “fake,” ENRICH was designed to enhance, without compromising your original sound’s integrity.

The result?

Mixes that are both wider and more believable, which results in a consistency of quality across different playback systems.

Experience It For Yourself

To truly understand the unique benefit of ENRICH, you need to HEAR it.

Play around with some of these settings so you can get:

  • Expansive Vocals: Start with 2-voice mode for a smooth, immersive vocal sound. ENRICH adds depth without making them feel overly processed.
  • Powerful Bass Presence:  Use 3-voice mode to accentuate low frequencies.  Your basslines will sound bigger, bolder, and more defined in the mix.
  • Larger-Than-Life Guitars:  Experiment with 4-voice mode on electric guitars for a huge, attention-grabbing sound. It’s perfect for cutting through a dense arrangement.
  • Ultra-Thick Synths:  For those massive sawtooth leads or pads, crank up to 6-voice mode.  ENRICH adds a level of thickness and complexity that’s hard to achieve with traditional layering.

Important Note: Every sound is different! These are starting points. Ultimately, the best way to understand ENRICH is to experiment on your own mixes.

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